In case you haven’t been following me on Facebook or Twitter; I am proud to announce (albeit a little late!) that I have won the University of Hertfordshire’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Award.


In October 2011 I entered the competition and was put through my paces in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style contest. I had to submit a 15 page business plan with my ‘idea’ which was, of course, to further develop and improve on the success of Heaven is a Cupcake. 178 people entered and I got through to the final 7. We then had to attend several boot camps in order to prepare for a 3 minute pitch followed by 5 minutes of Q&A in front of the judges.


The moment my name was announced! Photo by Pete Stevens

I spent 2 weeks preparing my pitch and a lot of effort and passion went into it. I am thrilled to say that I won and the judges all said how well I did and that they could see the work I had put into Heaven is a Cupcake and that they were confident it would continue to thrive.

I am looking forward to making lots of improvements to Heaven is a Cupcake. Watch this space for updates!

Photo by Pete Stevens