Yes, that was the best play on words I could think of… So, today I thought i’d quickly discuss fondant aka sugarpaste aka roll out icing, aka sugary plasticine. Why do we use it? Does anyone actually eat it? Why is it so difficult to roll? (Ok that last one i’m not answering!)

So, do you actually eat the fondant? This often divides people in the caking community. Some people love it, love working with it, love looking at it, love eating it etc. The others hate using it, hate eating it and want it to die. I’m firmly in the middle, I think fondant has it’s place and although I’m not a fan of eating it, clearly I use it on cakes and think it does act as a good base for cake designs.



However, it can be problematic. It sweats when it’s on cold cakes and warm in the air, it dries quickly when you’re rolling out, it bubbles in humidity, it sweats in humidity, it tastes of sugar and it generally is not very helpful. Most people peel it off the cake. That’s why as an alternative, we offer buttercream cakes and these can work just as well depending on the design and still look impressive. They are also very versatile and best of all, they taste good. So if you’re thinking about a cake but you don’t like fondant, then do not fret – we can still create a delicious and beautiful looking cake for you. Without the added cost of covering the cake with fondant 😀

Here’s one of our recent buttercream cakes using fondant accents…




Happy caking!