This year Mother’s Day is on 10th March 2013 and here at Heaven is a Cupcake, we have a wide range of cupcake gifts and baked treats to make your mum feel special. She deserves to be spoilt; so check out our Mother’s Day range and order now! If you don’t see something you like here, remember – we can do something completely unique and delicious. You won’t find a better gift for your mum than some Heaven is a Cupcake cakes. Or you can visit us in the St Albans Old Town Hall on 9th March to buy your Mother’s Day gifts. We will be there from 10am til 4pm.


Mother’s Day Cupcake Flavours from £1.75 each

As well as our usual flavours we will also have the following specials:

Orange Blossom Earl Grey (£2.00 each)

Raspberry Decadence (£2.00 each)

Champagne Indulgence (£2.00 each)

Very Vanilla (£1.75 each)

Double Chocolate (£1.85 each)

Carrot Delight (£2.00 each)

Minimum of 6 per flavour OR a box of 1 of each flavour available for £10 collection on 8th March, 9th March or 10th March. Delivery charged at 50p per mile and subject to availability.

Bespoke Cupcakes from £2.00 each.

Classic Mother’s Day Collection £13.50 for 6 or £25.00 for 12 Classic Cupcakes

Flower Pot Mother’s Day Cupcakes: £20.00 for 6 or £36.00 for 12 Classic Cupcakes

Spring Mother’s Day Cupcakes: £20.00 for 6 or £36.00 for 12 Classic

Fondant Flower Mother’s Day Collection: £24.00 for 6 or £40.00 for 12 Classic Cupcakes

Mother’s Day Cupcake bouquets from £12.00 each – baskets subject to availability.

Single Mother’s Day Cupcake in a Flower Gift Box: £4.00 (collection on Friday 8th March or Saturday 9th March only)

Gift Box of 4 cupcakes from £10.00

Order your Mother’s Day cupcakes now!

Email us 🙂