Marie Antoinette


This cake is giving us Marie Antoinette vibes and we love it!


If you’re a fan of cake you’re probably not a stranger to these lambeth inspired beauties. They are giving us Marie Antoinette vibes and we love it. We are more than happy to eat the cake!

Your choice of flavour and colour scheme. Add maraschino cherries for that extra vintage touch . This will be a mix of cherries with & without stems depending on availability.

Message will either be cut out letters, embossed banner or plaque, or short piped message. We will choose what we think looks best but i you have a preference please let us know

For more variations or dietary requirements drop us an email

Additional information


5in Round (6 – 10), 6in Round (10 – 14), 7in Round (15 – 20), 8in Round (20 – 25), 9in Round (25 – 35), 10in Round (30 – 40), 11in Round (35 – 45), 12in Round (40 – 50)


Standard: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Made Without Gluten: Eggs, Dairy, Made Without Dairy: Gluten, Eggs, Made Without Gluten & Dairy: Eggs, Cherries: Sulphur Dioxide

Dietary Requirements

Standard, Made without Gluten, Made without Dairy, Made without Gluten & Dairy


Victoria Sponge, Chocolate, Lemon


No Cherries, Cherries, Gold dusted cherries


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