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“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside” – Coco Chanel



You can’t get more classic than a Vicky sponge daaahling. But this one has had an upgrade! Bursting with glamour and glitz, this design is beautiful in any colours combination. With its modern, watercolour style buttercream, piped swirls and sparkle, this is the ultimate cake eleganza extravaganza. (Shoutout to the RPDR fans!)

Let us know what colours you like and we will create a cake fit for the runway!




Additional information


5in Round: £50.00 (6 – 8), 6in Round: £60.00 (10 – 14), 7in Round: £70.00 (15 – 17), 8in Round: £80.00 (20 – 24), 9in Round: £90.00 (28 – 30), 10in Round: £100.00 (30 – 35), 11in Round: £115.00 (36 – 40), 12in Round: £125.00 (40 – 45)

Dietary Requirements

Standard (Contains gluten, dairy, eggs, soya lecithin), Made Without Gluten (Contains dairy, eggs, soya lecithin)


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